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  • Jess L. Roat

Online Learning in the Age of Covid-19

We're sheltering in place and our students are all at home. It seems students around the country have had to take to the internet and learn from their teachers, tutors and parents. I've taught my friends how to use Zoom. We're trying our best to communicate and learn through our 21st century digital communication box, the computer.

Being prepared for this type of learning is the main thing. Much like going to school, there are several points to consider:

•a functioning computer that has full internet access

•placing the computer outside of a public place (like the kitchen), where it's reasonably quiet

•writing tools , paper, extra chrome book (if used by the school)

•water nearby and be sure you've had some food so your energy is present

Also- an ipad or track pad with pressure sensitive pen may be useful- though not necessary

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Jul 06, 2020

Testing comment area, re: covid

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