Learning Specialist
Jess Levi Roat

Providing a patient, conscious, educational experience,

guiding individuals to demonstrate their potential.

Covid Safe
In this time of the Covid-19 Virus, I am working with students online. Despite the challenges of working over the internet, I strive to create a lively informative 
learning experience.

Jess Roat
Academic Coach- facilitating positive changes in students' growth, all subjects K-8
MacMan- Computer training and troubleshooting, also tech problem solving for Seniors.
Writing Teacher- creative writing exercises and strategies to develop and encourage every writer's unique voice
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Mindfulness Training- Centering, Intentional Focus, Executive Function Skills (organization), Deep Listening, and conscious use of technology.
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I empower individuals to grow, to be successful and expressive. Having worked with students of all ages, I'm sensitive to the needs of every individual.

After graduating from college, I became a credentialed teacher. I am proficient in implementing several learning tools including: Brain Gym, Dyslexia Remediation, Visualizing and Verbalizing, the Amherst Artist & Writers Program, Education Through Music (ETM), Body Talk, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and I am certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I've worked with Kindergarten-Adult students in a wide variety of educational settings addressing a broad spectrum of learning abilities. I provide honest, conscious, socio-emotional learning support.

Learning and Growing

 A French painter! (Halloween 2019)

Academic Support

The greatest support I can give all students is that they feel empowered, using their strengths to accomplish their goals.

  • 25 years experience

  • Academic expertise- grades K-8

  • Including students with special challenges

  • Flexible hours

  • One-on-one home, office

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Additional Sites for help:

• https://www.edu-therapy.com

"It's OK to learn differently."

Mobile Phone
Mac Desktop
Balanced Use of Screen Time

 Cell phones and computers have revolutionized the way we communicate. They can be so compelling that they are hard to set aside.

Prudent use of technology is a must for optimal learning. I can mitigate issues around acceptable usage and appropriate screen time for students and families.

In this time of the Covid-19 virus, I am working with students online. Although working over the internet can be challenging, I strive to create a lively informative learning experience.


Quote of the week:

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

Parent and  Collegial Comments:

Further references available upon request.

Qian Guo, Ph.D.

He paid individual and personalized attention to all kids; he was patient, specific to the needs of each kid, and always encouraging. We want to salute people like Mr. Roat because they are the backbone of successful public education for our country.

Jennifer Knopf, Principal

Mr. Roat worked hard to create a sense of community and bring structure and routines into the classroom. He spent a great deal of his personal time modifying the curriculum to meet the individual needs of the students.

Marty Williams, Teacher Consultant, Writing Workshops

I encourage you to seriously consider Jess Roat for employment in your organization. I am confident he brings creativity, thoughtfulness, integrity and ability to work effectively with others to any position you might offer.